Jennafer  Stransky

Jennafer Stransky

Registered Dental Hygienist

Jenna brings with her to My Smyle Dental a passion for education and improving the lives of others. She takes pride in providing skilled periodontal treatment gently. She will educate you about mouth inflammation and the dangers it can cause to your bone and gum levels around your teeth and your overall health. Your oral health is greatly determined by daily diligence to maintain bacterial control at home by brushing two times a day and flossing. Receiving professional cleanings at the right interval for you is also a factor.

Gum disease is influenced by genetics, health conditions, medications, stress, poor nutrition, clenching or grinding teeth and most importantly your immune system. Jenna strives to provide the most effective treatment to control the bacterial infection. When disease has progressed beyond what standard periodontal maintenance visits can provide, periodontal surgery may be recommended.

Jenna will guide you and direct you in the care of your mouth. She will be attentive of your needs and provide you a comfortable and thorough examination that will catch problems in their early stages.

She will be monitoring you for Oral Cancer and teaching you how to perform monthly life-saving home self-exams.

Her greatest compliment is your referral of family and friends.