Teeth Cleaning in Sugar Land, TX

It is recommended that you visit the dentist near you twice a year, not only for your regular check-up and exam, but also for a dental cleaning in Sugar Land, TX. Even people who maintain a very strict oral hygiene routine with daily brushing and flossing can have areas of plaque and debris left on their teeth. These areas can be a threat to oral health, as the bacteria that are living in plaque produce harmful acids that can eventually break down teeth enamel and cause damage to the teeth. Professional cleanings at My Smyle Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX remove these traces to maintain the health of your mouth.

Procedure for Teeth Cleaning in Sugar Land, TX

Teeth cleanings near you are usually preceded by an exam during which a dentist or hygienist will check for problem areas in the mouth. These problems areas may include issues such as cavities or signs of gum disease. It is also possible that x-rays may also be taken, although usually, this occurs regularly only every other visit, or once a year.

The cleaning begins with the removal of the hard buildup on the teeth surfaces. Once most of this buildup is removed, the teeth are then brushed with an electric toothbrush. A special toothpaste is used at the dentist’s office that is grittier in texture than the toothpaste you probably are used to brushing with at home. This allows the dentist or hygienist to get the teeth clean and polish them. The teeth are then flossed, and you’ll rinse your mouth to complete the cleaning.

After the cleaning, other procedures may sometimes follow. These may be complex operations, or other services as simple as a fluoride treatment, if requested.

For more information about teeth cleanings near you, or other questions about dental care in Sugar Land, TX, visit our local dental office, or call us for more information about all of our services. Book your appointment with us today for a teeth cleaning in Sugar Land, TX. We look forward to serving you soon!