Occlusal Guard  in Sugar Land, TX

Occlusion is the relationship between your top and bottom teeth when they come together to chew, bite or close your mouth. It is more commonly called the bite. Your Sugar Land dentist examines each patient’s bite to see how the tooth surfaces come together. If contact is abnormal, that is a malocclusion or a bad bite. Bad bites can lead to pain, tooth damage, and other dental problems. To help manage issues related to a bad bite, we offer protective occlusal guards at My Smyle Family Dental. An occlusal guard is a removable dental night mouth guard in Sugar Land that is molded to fit the upper or lower arches of teeth.

Occlusal Guard in Sugar Land

Also referred to as a splint, occlusal guards are custom made for protecting tooth surfaces and dental restorations, manage TMJ disorder, stabilize dental occlusion or create more space prior to a dental procedure. People prone to nighttime clenching and grinding can benefit from wearing an occlusal guard overnight. Dr. Chandra also recommends the use of a night mouth guard in Sugar Land for most adults with extensive dental work.

Custom Mouth Guard in Sugar Land

An occlusal mouth guard in Sugar Land is made typically of a heat-cured acrylic resin. Less expensive versions are crafted of soft acrylic, vinyl or light cured composite. This type of occlusal guard is made quicker but is less durable, and usually intended for short-term use. Soft mouth guards are often used for children because growth alters the fit of hard occlusal guards.

Typically, an entire upper or lower arch is covered with a splint, but sometimes partial coverage is used. An occlusal mouth guard that is worn on either the top or bottom teeth is called either a maxillary or a mandibular splint, although they are most commonly called maxillary splints.

A stabilizing occlusal guard lies flat against the opposing teeth and helps relax the jaw muscles. A repositioning occlusal mouth guard improves occlusion by repositioning the jaw.

If you think that you might need an occlusal guard from our dentist near you, feel free to contact our office for more information, or book your appointment online today!