Nitrous Gas (Laughing Gas) in Sugar Land, TX

Nitrous gas is a type of inhalation sedation used to alleviate pain and anxiety during dental procedures. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous is particularly helpful for patients with a lot of fear or dental anxiety. If you are feeling anxious about an upcoming dental treatment, call My Smyle Family and Cosmetic Dentistry near you to ask about the benefits of sedation dentistry.

Laughing Gas Dentist in South Sugar Land

Many people avoid getting routine oral care and much-needed treatments or procedures because they fear dentist visits. If you experience this type of anxiety, our laughing gas dentist can help you feel comfortable and at ease. Dental sedation with nitrous oxide is a highly effective treatment option that keeps anxious patients calm throughout the duration of the procedure.

Nitrous Oxide in Sugar Land, TX

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is colorless, odorless, and non-irritating. When nitrous gas is combined with oxygen, it helps patients release their fears and relax during dental treatments.

Nitrous Gas Dentist

Your nitrous gas dentist in Sugar Land administers laughing gas through a facial mask, so no needles are involved in the process. When you come to our dental office for a procedure, a mask covering your nose will be placed on your face. Just breath normally and the gas will take effect in a few minutes.

Is Laughing Gas Safe?

Nitrous oxide is a widely used dental anesthetic that has been around for well over a century. Laughing gas sedation is used often in pediatric dentistry because it is so effective and safe.

Unlike other types of sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide enters and exits the system quickly. Therefore, the effect of the gas is not lingering. While laughing gas starts working immediately, the effect wears off in minutes once the mask is removed. For that reason, patients do not require a ride after the procedure, as they are able to drive themselves where they need to go.

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