Bone Grafts in Sugar Land, TX

Bone loss in the jaw can affect your facial structure and impact your oral health. There are many reasons why the loss of bone occurs in the jaw including dental trauma, missing teeth or periodontal disease. Without adequate bone volume, you will not be a candidate for dental implant surgery. The reasoning for this is that the bone is necessary for the implant to fuse properly with the jaw. Fusion between the implant and the jaw is necessary to support the tooth crown that our dentist will place. Patients who do not address this shortage of bone run the risk of experiencing long-term complications and, in the end, implant failure. When a patient has too much bone deterioration bone grafting can restore lost volume.

Dr. Neetu Chandra has advanced training in bone grafting techniques and can restore your jaw so you can enjoy smiling with a full set of teeth again.

Bone Grafting Sugar Land, TX

The bone grafting procedure involves harvesting a small amount of bone from either you or a donor source and turning it into granules. These bone granules fuse with the natural bone which allows it to regenerate and expand. If the bone loss resulting from missing teeth, dental implant posts can be surgically inserted after the bone grafts are completed. Dr. Chandra is able to add bone where it is needed. Bone grafting in Sugar Land typically requires about three months of healing time before dental implants can be placed.

Sinus Bone Graft

Patients who have experienced bone loss in the premolar and the upper molar area may require a different type of bone grafts in Sugar Land, called a sinus lift. For those with an extra-large sinus cavity or excessive bone loss in the area, there might be a low bone volume in this location. A sinus bone graft allows Dr. Chandra to access the sinus cavity and gently lift the sinus membrane. Your Sugar Land dentist will then add the replacement bone to the newly made space below the sinus to add the much-needed bone volume for successful dental implant placement.