Professional Fluoride Treatment

Professional Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride has critical roles to play in modern dentistry, as fluoride treatment is getting quite popular these days. What is this treatment all about? How can it help you? Well, fluoride has different impact on the teeth at different points of time. It has certain impact when applied on teeth, and it has different impact even after application on teeth. Generally, this type of treatment is recommended before eating and drinking. One should not eat 1 hour before the commencement of the treatment. My Smyle Family and Cosmetic Dentistry recommends this treatment to you, when you are facing bacterial infection at teeth and gum of your mouth.

Avoid Tooth Decay

Dental caries or more commonly known as tooth decaying process happens due to acid producing bacteria around our teeth. Presence of bacteria is a normal thing in our mouth, though presence of a few bacteria can cause a few dental issues at different points of time. When you do not follow proper oral hygiene, like brushing teeth and flossing mouth, you become vulnerable to face dental issues due to acid producing bacteria. When high amount of acid is produced, it causes wounds on gum. Teeth roots are also affected by acid. As a result, teeth decaying process gets faster.

The situation can even become worse, when you are a frequent smoker. Smoking cigarette on daily basis enhances acidity level of your mouth and it causes deterioration of your overall oral health. Teeth decaying starts at random pace and gum infections can also be noticed commonly in such scenario. This is where fluoride treatment is recommended. What does fluoride do? The excessive acid in mouth has been neutralized by fluoride. As a result, teeth decaying can be avoided.

Process of Fluoride Treatment

To get the fluoride treatment at My Smyle Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, you need to fix an appointment first. Then, you need to appear at the clinic as per the appointment date and time. Thereafter, you should talk to dentist and get the fluoride treatment. It takes only a few minutes. For getting a fluoride treatment effects, you need to wait for some time. Depending upon your health status, dentist would recommend the treatment in a few frequent intervals.